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Product: Embossing Roller and Calender Roller
Application: Paper, cloth, and textile industries
Material: German pure cotton paper, or woolen paper German linen paper
Working Temp.: 180 °C 200 °C
Hardness: D-84°±2° D-87°±2°
Diameter: Ø250 mm-Ø630 mm
Length: 1200 mm-5500 mm
Product: Embossing Roller
Application: Toilet paper, napkin paper, wedding card, aluminium foil, etc.
Material: Wood pulp and woolen paper
Working Temp.: 180 °C
Hardness: D-78°±2°
Diameter: Ø130 mm-Ø630 mm
Length: 200 mm-5500 mm
Product: Calender Roller for Coated Paper
Application: Super calender
Material: German pure cotton paper
Working Temp.: 180 °C
Hardness: D-84°±2°
Diameter: Ø250 mm-Ø630 mm
Length: 250 mm-5500 mm
Product: Embossing Steel Roller
Application: Embossing for paper, textile and plastic
Material: Seamless steel pipe
Diameter: Ø250 mm-Ø630 mm
Length: 250 mm-5500 mm
Product: Nylon Roller for Calendering and Embossing
Application: Paper and fabrics (nylon and non-woven)
Material: German mono casting nylon
Working Temp.: 130 °C 180 °C
Hardness: D-82°±2°
Diameter: Ø100 mm-
Ø350 mm
Ø400 mm-
Ø600 mm
Length: 200 mm-
2000 mm
1000 mm-
5500 mm
Product: Laser Molding Press Roller
Application: Laser paper
Material: VSPEL (Polyimide)
Working Temp.: 288 °C
Hardness: D-82-87° ±2°
Diameter: Ø180 mm-Ø270 mm
Length: 200 mm-1400 mm
Product: Embossing and Calender Roller
Application: For plastic sheets
Material: Special silicon
Working Temp.: 200 °C
Hardness: D-70°±2°
Diameter: Ø200 mm-Ø630 mm
Length: 200 mm-6000 mm
Product: Laser-Engraved Roller
Application: Embossing for paper, textile and plastic
Material: Seamless steel pipe
Diameter: Ø60 mm-Ø500 mm
Length: 200 mm-5000 mm
Product: Embossing Machine
Standard width: 1650mm
(or as per your equirements)
Speed: 6~30 yds/min
Power: 5HP
Dimensions: 4200L X 3460W X 2250H
Net weight: 3000kgs
Product: Calender Machine
Features: 1.This machine is suitable for Synthetic Fiber,Woven,Cotton,Royan,Nylon,Polyster, Taslon,Tactel,Micro Fiber and etc. on "Lustrous Finishing".

2.The fabric surface will become smooth and glossy after calendering.

3.It will invrease the density of the fabric and prevent the feather effect.

4.Rolling before coating will improve waterproof strength and glue distribution evenness.

5.Aluminum expanding roller make the fabric quite flat and avoid the folding mark.

6.Electronic seam detector protects the pressing rollers from damage.

7.The stable hydraulic system keeps uniform pressure across the full width.

8.Adjusting the temperature and pressure to achieve hand feel of matt effect.
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