Calendaring and Embossing Roller Expert

Lee Lun was established in 1977, concentrating on development and manufacture of calendaring rollers, embossing rollers and embossing backing rollers.

Lee Lun Roller

Lee Lun Roller

    Over forty-seven years, we have built up our reputation with our nylon rollers, cotton paper, paper rollers, linen paper, wool paper and embossing engraving flower rollers for calendaring and embossing , as well as water suction rollers , oil suction rollers etc.

    The based on years of technological research and development and equipment improvements, making the quality more superior and stable, and are generally highly praised by the domestic and overseas in fabric and paper industries.

    We have been insisting on selecting high quality materials and accurate manufacturing process control, and the philosophy of operating with integrity and customer satisfaction, so that all products can be customized to achieve sustainable provision of the best products in the industry.